Hackers stole $ 100 million from users of Vulcan Forged NFT marketplace - News Press

Privacy Is a Myth

Hackers stole $ 100 million from users of Vulcan Forged NFT marketplace

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Hackers gained access to 148 wallets of users of the Vulcan Forged NFT marketplace and withdrew 4.5 million PYR tokens from them (with a total value of more than $ 103 million). This was reported by representatives of Vulcan Forged on Twitter.

A message from the marketplace says that attackers could take possession of users' private keys.

The team emphasized that it has already approached the exchanges with a request to blacklist the address of the wallet associated with the hack. It is also reported that at one of the sites, its owner could undergo the KYC procedure, but Vulcan Forged has not yet disclosed details.

The marketplace promised to compensate for all stolen PYR tokens, as well as other coins if the attackers stole them. The platform team has also begun developing a fully decentralized wallet setup solution.

Against the background of the news, the price of the PYR token sank by almost 15%.


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