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Moses Staff hackers attack Israeli engineering companies

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A hacker group called Moses Staff reported successful cyberattacks on three Israeli engineering companies. It is noteworthy that the attack took place less than two weeks after the group published the personal data of hundreds of Israeli military personnel in the public domain on the darknet and Telegram channels.

According to cybercriminals, the victims of the attacks were Ehud Leviathan Engineering, David Engineers and HGM Engineering. The stolen data includes documents on infrastructure projects, maps, contracts, images, letters and videoconference snapshots. Some of the files included tenders and other documents regarding the construction of a new entrance to the city of Jerusalem.

The Moses Staff website claims that the group has hacked a total of over 165 servers and 254 websites and stolen more than 11 TB of data, including documents from the Israel Postal Service, Ministry of Defense, files of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, Electron Csillag and Epsilor.

It is not yet clear whether the group operates independently or enjoys the support of any state.

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