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Hackers attacked one of the largest libraries in the USA

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The Boston Public Library administration announced a cyberattack that caused a large-scale failure of the computer network and a number of online services.

The Boston Public Library is the oldest library in the United States and one of the largest public libraries in the country after the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library.

According to the administration, the incident took place on the morning of Wednesday 25 August. The cyber attack disrupted the operation of public computers, printers and some online services.

The administration immediately shut down the affected systems and took steps to isolate the problem. At the moment, there is no evidence of leakage of confidential information of employees or visitors. Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The administration's announcement does not disclose what kind of attack was carried out. In a letter to staff, Boston Public Library president David Leonard said the issue was not a matter of employee negligence or error. He also noted that as a result of the cyber attack, some data could be lost irretrievably.

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