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Unknown persons extort 500 bitcoins from the Tether company

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The developers of the cryptocurrency Tether (USDT) report that unknown persons are extorting 500 bitcoins from them (approximately $ 24,000,000 at the current exchange rate). If the company refuses to pay, the fraudsters promise to disclose the data allegedly stolen from it.

Last week, Twitter accounts of Deltecleaks and TetherLeaks began to distribute screenshots of documents and emails allegedly stolen from Tether, as well as data from one of the company's banking partners, Deltec Bank.

Tether representatives claim that this leak is fake, and the documents that the criminals are spreading are fake.

“Today we received a 500 BTC ransom demand that needs to be sent to bc1qa9f60pved3w3w0p7snpxlnh5t4uj95vxn797a7. The senders of the letter state that if they do not receive BTC by tomorrow, they will leak documents to the general public in order to “harm the bitcoin ecosystem”. We will not pay, ”the company said in a statement.'

 Tether notes that it is not yet clear if this is a common ransomware attack, which is often targeted at cryptocurrency companies, or if attackers are really trying to sabotage Tether and strike at the crypto community as a whole.

“While we think this is a rather pathetic extortion attempt, we take it seriously. We have already notified law enforcement of these messages and related ransom demands. As always, we will fully support law enforcement in investigating this fraudulent scheme, ”reads the company's Twitter."

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